Our treatment philosophy focuses on addressing current concerns as well as prevention of future dental issues. We provide comprehensive dentistry and a range of treatment for patients of all ages.

Preventive Services

A comprehensive exam is performed on every new patient and an update on returning patients in our practice. This includes a review of medications, allergies, medical history, and a head and neck exam, followed by a discussion of all oral and dental findings. Thoughtful suggestions are made to address any oral hygiene concerns.

Preventive services include a discussion of a teeth friendly diet, oral cancer screenings, applications of fluoride varnish, and prescription toothpastes and rinses as needed.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin facings permanently bonded with cement onto minimally prepared tooth surfaces. They can improve the shape and size of teeth, lighten the shade, and correct minor tooth alignment for a more harmonious smile. The process requires a detailed discussion with the patient regarding expectations and esthetics. Thorough communication including photos and diagnostic wax models with an esthetic porcelain laboratory is vital and ensures a successful outcome. The results are truly transformative.

Removable + Implant Supported Dentures

Dentures are used to replace teeth that have been extracted or missing for various reasons. A denture may be a partial or full denture depending on the number of teeth missing. Dentures are fabricated from an impression taken of the patient’s arches. They can be composed of plastic resin teeth that sit on an acrylic or flexible acrylic base with a metal framework and clasps. Removable dentures are to be worn during the day but removed at night time. The oral cavity still requires brushing and rinsing or flossing if teeth are still present. The dentures should soak in a denture cleanser overnight. They are an economical way to restore several teeth or a single tooth waiting for an implant.

Crowns, Onlays and Bridges

A crowns is a full coverage restorations that replaces an original tooth that has received root canal treatment, fractured or has minimal tooth structure due to extensive decay or fillings. Contemporary crowns can be made from metal free materials such as porcelain, porcelain with lithium disilicate cores, and derivatives of zirconia. The type of crown depends on the demands of the patient’s functional occlusion and esthetics. Metal free crowns allow for placement of margins above the gumline which results in less gum irritation. Crowns made from porcelain fused to metal and full coverage metal crowns are now used much less frequently as advances in ceramics and dental materials make these traditional options less popular.

Bonded Restorations

After decay has been excavated, a tooth will typically require a restoration or filling made of either composite resin or in larger excavations, porcelain. These composite resin restorations are placed by an adhesive process called bonding, which typically reduces stress on a tooth. Traditionally used amalgams can last a long time but contain environmentally unsafe mercury. These silver fillings are mechanically retained in a cavity preparation and over time result in marginal creep or expansion and place more stress on the tooth.

Teeth Whitening

Our teeth whitening system contains carbamide peroxide as well as potassium nitrate and fluoride delivered in custom trays. Impressions of upper and lower teeth are taken and custom flexible trays are fabricated. A lower percentage, such as 20% carbamide peroxide, is used for patients that have never bleached or have stained teeth that have not bleached recently. The lower percentage allows for longer contact of the carbamide peroxide with the teeth, whitening past the outer enamel layer to the inner layer of dentin. The higher 35% carbamide peroxide allows for much shorter wear time for those patients who have whitened before or have minimal stains. If the trays are saved and still fit well, touch up syringes of the whitening system can be purchased, making this option more affordable.

Invisalign and MTM Aligners

Clear tray orthodontic aligners such as Invisalign and MTM Aligners, allow movement of teeth into improved esthetics and function. They are best suited for treating up to moderately crowded, rotated teeth or teeth with too much space in between. Trays must be worn with compliance for at least 20 hours per day and changed every 2 or 3 weeks. Typical treatment time is shorter than with conventional metal wire orthodontics. A big advantage to tray aligners is that trays are removed so that teeth can be brushed and flossed as usual. Most patients report an improvement in oral hygiene during alignment, due to the excitement of orthodontic tooth movement. Trays are also removed and carefully stored during meals, so eating is unhindered.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment alleviates pain and sensitivity by removing the pulp and bacteria, followed by a thorough cleaning out of the canals within the roots and filling them with a natural, rubbery, tree sap substance called gutta percha. A crown is usually indicated for protection if the tooth is a posterior tooth to provide strength against chewing forces.

Extractions and grafts

Extractions are performed as atraumatically as possible when a tooth is deemed nonrestorable due to extensive loss of bone, mobility, gross decay extending to the root, or fracture along the root or deep into the tooth’s pulp chamber. Extractions are performed followed by a bone graft and membrane if necessary, in consideration of a future dental implant to maximize bone in the area. Extracted sites will result in bone resorption especially at the first few months following an extraction.

Completely Taken Away All My Qualms About Dentistry

I love Dr. Lackner and her whole team. They are amazing! So sweet, super professional, but not sooo stiff and cold like many dentist's offices you go to. I had a horrible experience with my last dentist, he was a pervert and literally screwed up my teeth, and I have avoided going to a dentist for years as a result. I wish I knew about Dr. Lackner before, she has completely taken away all my qualms about dentistry. Oh, and her office manager, Leslie, is beyond amazing. She answers my questions and works with me and has a great attitude.

If you are in need of a good, reliable, and decent priced denist, I definitely recommend this office!

- Sandra G., Dental Patient

Professional and Kind

Dr. Lackner and her staff are professional and kind. The office is in a convenient location right off I-15, which makes it all the more appealing. The first time that I went to this office, I wasn't having a wonderful day. The receptionist, Dr. Lackner, and her dental assistant were very sweet and turned everything around for me. My last couple of dentists didn't make the grade, but Dr. Lackner did!

Highly recommended!

- Lee V., Dental Patient

Approachable, Kind and Honest

She's great. Approachable, kind and honest. I've sent numerous friends to her who all love her. My 3 small children see her as well. They are 8, 10 and 13 and all agree, she is nice. They hate going to the dentist, however her treasure box has a fun magic gum trick, so they tolerate it! We live in Carmel Valley and she is worth the 20 minute drive. I trust her, who says that about a dentist? She and her assistant do the cleanings. If I could give 6 stars, I would.

- Karen C., Dental Patient

Very Knowledgeable and Willing to Share Her Knowledge with You

Went here for my dental cleaning. She is super close to home and right off the 15 freeway! Her staff is friendly and she is very knowledgeable and willing to share her knowledge with you so you can take better care of your mouth/teeth. She was very patient and had a calm demeanor. I feel like she would make a great dentist to shadow(if she's open to that) if you're planning on becoming a dentist. I believe she only works Monday-Thursday; this is great because I didn't feel like she was mentally and/or physically exhausted like a lot of other dentists.

- Beth M., Dental Patient

Recommend Her Unconditionally

Dr. Lackner is very pleasant and professional. Her staff are friendly and efficient. I'm lucky to have such a great dentist close to where I live. There's nothing I can think of to say about her practice that isn't positive. I'd recommend her unconditionally.

- Scott S., Dental Patient

Attention to Detail

Having to replace a 20 year long family dentist was really hard to do initially. I've explored about 8 different dentists around San Diego before I discovered Dr. Lackner and her friendly office staff. It's clear she's passionate about her profession and oral hygiene when she dives into detail about every aspect of my teeth. I appreciate her attention to detail and conservative yet thorough approach to a clean smile. Absolutely recommend her to friends and family.

- Raymond K., Dental Patient